ClimateWise Resilience Planning

Are you looking for a collaborative approach to building community resilience?

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Building on experience gained through working with communities over the past 7 years, we have developed the ClimateWise program to provide a framework that communities can follow to create Whole Community Solutions in adapting to a changing climate.

Our ClimateWise team works directly with communities to help them understand their local vulnerabilities and to develop increased resilience. We guide our client communities step-by-step through the ClimateWise program to ensure that they protect their most valued resources in the most collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective manner possible.

The ClimateWise planning program starts with local climate change projections and a cross-sector vulnerability assessment. Once vulnerabilities are assessed and impacts prioritized, we guide participants in the development of strategies that increase their community’s resilience across all sectors and populations. The development of collaborative and cross-sector strategies leads to a whole suite of synergies – cost savings, new partnerships, complementary efforts, and less community conflict.

Our scientists and project managers provide guidance and support throughout the planning process. We compile the results into a report, as well as dynamic online modules and handouts. The process is closely guided by a task force of local leaders to ensure that products are the most effective for the community. Examples of final reports from ClimateWise planning programs can be found here.

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The ClimateWise Planning Program can be the beginning of your local adaptation work, and it is important to keep in mind that new information will be continually arriving, modeling data will continue to be better refined, and your community will gain experience dealing with the on-the-ground impacts of climate change. Going forward requires that climate change and future conditions be integrated into all of your community planning processes.

It is also important to step back and take another comprehensive look every 3 to 5 years as new data becomes available. Once your community has gone through a Whole Community process once (either our ClimateWise program or some similar program), you can likely do it mostly on your own in the future.


The cost of whole community ClimateWise programs vary by the availability of data for a specific locality, choices regarding thresholds your community would like analyzed, location, number of workshops needed, and local capacity.

Each ClimateWise program is custom designed for your community in a way that provides what you need to do the program, while taking advantage of your existing capacity.

For example, if your community has skilled facilitators who can help with the workshops, we would send a smaller team or if your community has quite a lot of experience and capacity to support a local taskforce, we would reduce the amount of time (and expense) associated with helping to guide that taskforce.

Whole community ClimateWise processes that include local climate change projections, online dynamic presentation, facilitated workshops, a written final report and in-person community education (forums, etc.) generally takes about 12 months and can usually be done for $60,000-$100,000.


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